Here is Fantasy and Magic, 
Darkness, Love, and Romance
.A Time of Blood and Fire
A novel of dark fantasy by Nigia Stephens

Here there be

Available at...
St. Mark's Book Shop31 Third Ave.
McNally Jackson via POD Printer, 52 Prince Street

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Nigia Stephens author of "A Time of Blood and Fire" 
A Time of Blood and Fire 
written by Nigia Stephens was first published in 2009. A new edition is being revised to include book two, Cauldrons of War

Synopsis of A Time of Blood and Fire:  

  Bred to blend in with humans, teams of Argon changelings spread across The Earth  in order to hunt Mystics that sent the greater universe (The Harn) into near chaos.  Ashdasoc, a changeling and one of the twin Princes from the world of Inathduard, meets Blu Harris, a painter, in New York’s East Village. Blu is a sensuous Afro-American with a tragic past and an unusual mystical energy that Ash resonates to. The two become lovers until Ash reveals that he had been crafted from these fearsome creatures.

    Blu becomes trapped in the war between The Argon and powerful Mystics, who drained worlds of magical life to create a dangerously addictive drug that enhances creativity. Yet the lovers never expect the explosive hatred and madness of Ash’s twin brother Set.

   As Ash goes on a desperate search for the only Mystic whom their father trustsSet’s rage towards Blu detonates and his violence triggers centuries-old magic buried within her.

Works in progress...
Arms of AnglesBlood Sutra
The love of Dangerous Creatures,and Cauldrons of War

Subsrcibe below to You Tube For The Book Video of A Time of Blood and Fire and other images from the mindscape of Nigia.